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Updated on 11/15/2017
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The surgery assisted by the Robot ...

The Da Vinci Robot
If in the USA, the treatment of prostate cancer with radical prostatectomy is performed with the help of the robot in over 60% of cases, this is not the same in France.
In fact, France has only 16 robots, compared with more than 800 in the United States.
The high cost of the robot doesn't allow the spread of robotics.

The center of Urology benefits from the latest generation of Da Vinci robot manufactured by Intuitive society.

This is the 4 arm 3D vision device.

 Advantages of Robotic Surgery 
Advantages of Robotic Surgery
One of the Robot's arm
Laparoscopic Assisted Surgery with the robot offers several advantages.
Unlike classic laparoscopic surgery, the Da Vinci system (robot), provides a 3-dimensional view of the operative field (3D). It allows a more refined and more accurate picture of the area of intervention.
The operative surgeon sits at the console, a few meters from the patient and manipulates the instruments through the arms of the robot.
The gesture is very precise and the procedure much more comfortable.
The instruments of the Da Vinci robot allow movements in space that were until that unachievable.

 Urology and the robot 
Urology and the robot
The surgeon siting at the console
The most commonly practiced robotic procedure in Urology is radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer.
Thanks to a magnified view of the prostate and surrounding structures (nerve, sphincter), and high precision instruments, robot assisted surgery allows a finer and more precise dissection.
It may reduce the risk of erection and continence disorder, consequences often encountered with conventional radical prostatectomy for cancer.

Using the robot has other urological indications.
Renal Surgery, conservative or restorative (partial or total removal of a kidney, uretropelvic junction repair), also benefit from robotics.
The Da Vinci robot is also used in the treatment of genital prolapse in female.

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