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 Welcome to the Center of Andrology and Urology of Paris (CAP-CUP) 
These pages are designed to provide you information on diseases of the urinary and genital of men and a women.

This site is not static and will be changed regularly to best respond to the questions you may have.

You perhaps won't be able to find every answer.

We took the party to deal with topics that are most often encountered in our daily practice.

Please feel free to browse and to send us your comments, if any.

They will help us on one hand to answer you and on the other hand to improve it.

Dr. Eric Mandel

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 What is Urology, Andrology ... 
What is Urology, Andrology ...
Urinary tract

Male genital

It is a medical and surgical specialty that supports all of the diseases of the urinary and genital of a man and urinary mainly of women.

The urinary system, includes the kidneys who produce urine, ureters, 2 ducts that carry urine to the bladder, prostate and urethra finally allowing the evacuation of urine to the outside.

The genital tract, which is used for breeding, consists of the testis and epididymes, the prostate and seminal vesicles and also of the urethra by which sperm is externalised.


It is for the mature man roughly the equivalent of gynecology in women.
This specialty takes charge of the pathology related to sexual deficits.

Note: All terms used herein are defined in the glossary.

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